Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services at OCDSNB provide meaningful, integrated employment for people with disabilities. The program also provides a variety of job training, as well as social and recreational opportunities based on consumer choice. Enclave and Day Service staff foster effective working relationships with local businesses. Though these partnerships, OCDSNB is able to establish jobs and work programs that provide rewarding employment with equitable pay. The agency also operates the Powell Center, a therapeutic setting that supports seniors and people with significant disabilities.

Adult Day Services Include:

Industrial Services and Santee Industries
Work activity centers serving the Orangeburg and Santee areas where in-house contracts are used to develop vocational skills and facilitate effective work habits. They also provide a source of income for the consumers.

Supported Employment/Enclaves
Provides a number of options for employment and competitive pay in the community. This includes: mobile lawn crews, janitorial services, and work enclaves with OCDSNB staff supervision.

Powell Center
The Powell Center provides meaningful activities to seniors and persons with significant disabilities. Through sensory integration areas, horticultural therapy, exercise and nutrition training, as well as relaxation, consumers are provided meaningful ways to interact with the world around them. In addition, supplemental training in functional and social skills enhances successful job attainment and community integration.